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Glass Art by Jobean Chambers Saba  
  Craft by Marie PetitMarie Petit
Marie was born in France. She is a classically trained and qualified chef that worked for over 15 years in various catering environments throughout France and England.

She qualified as a scuba diving instructor whilst in England, but then realized there was more to diving than cold water and limited visibility so decided to try diving elsewhere. That is how she ended up on Saba!

After a couple of years of diving in the Saba’s pristine marine park, a back injury (which is now healed) forced her to get back to catering where she was able to use her skills to set up the Meals on Wheels project on Saba.

Chaz SiuMarie started creating jewelry with pieces of sea glass she found in the Cove Bay as well as some pieces of pottery shards she found on some of Saba’s trails or in her back garden. As she was getting some positive feedback from friends, she decided to take it to the next level. After spending time with trial and error, Marie had the opportunity to open The Little Green Shop located across from Lambee’s place in the heart of Windwardside.

She also uses some seeds that she finds throughout the island, as well as giving a second life to old jewelry that people don’t want anymore. Marie creates jewelry with anything she might find that she thinks will be different to what you have seen before, like the otolith (ear drum) of the tarpon, or some of her neighbor’s copper pipe from his gas tank, or a 20 million years old shark tooth!!!…

All creations are usually unique and one of a kind so you never know what you will find, and you know you will not be wearing the same earrings as your neighbors!

For more information about Marie, come by the shop and chew the fat! And check out the conch weather forecast….

Marie Petit
Shop Phone number: (00599) 416 27 92

Visit her Facebook page here.

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